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Tritronic Electronics Limited has been the leading electronic  service provider and product manufacturer in Jamaica for over 20 years. Professionals have relied on our expertise, flexibility, quality and affordable products and services. We are devoted to innovation and systematically developing new products and providing first class electronics repair, electronics product design and manufacturing, industrial machine repairs, installations and machine automation.


In January 2013, the company released its flagship product, the Ultimate Digital Surge Protector/Voltage Monitor. The Ultimate Surge Protector is designed to protect household appliances, industrial equipment, office equipment and medical equipment. Since its introduction, the Ultimate Surge Protector has been rated by industry professionals as the number one surge protector on the market, in fact, it has been said that the Ultimate Digital Surge Protector is the only protector that really works.


Tritronic Electronics Limited is dedicated to continue supplying affordable products, developing new products and providing quality and efficient services to our customers. Our commitment to provide superior service and support knows no boundary.


Our staff members are highly skilled and have years of experience and certifications. Their dedication to making sure your needs are met comes from within. And it's embraced and appreciated by all of our staff. 


Our team is committed to providing the best service you will experience. Get to know our experienced Technicians. They have the skills, and the desire to help.

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