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“I get a lot of low voltage and power cuts in my community so when I learned that this new digital surge protector would help to protect my appliances, I just had to get it. One of the best decision I’ve ever made”.

“There are a lot of surge protectors on the market but the Ultimate Digital Surge Protector is the best I’ve seen so far. The digital component sets it apart because not only does it tell you when something is wrong, it protects your appliance with its quick reaction time. I recommend it to all of my customers”.

"The Ultimate brand is a new force in electronics protection. I have been doing business with Tritronic Electronics Limited for over 10 years hence I would not hesitate to recommend the Ultimate Digital Protectors. These surge protectors were designed and made in Jamaica by Jamaican who knows the conditions that affects our appliances"

George Faria, Business Man

" I get a lot of low voltage and power cuts in my community so when I learnt that this new protector will help to protect my appliances I just had to get it. One of the best decisions I have ever made".

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Tritronic Electronics Limited being awarded for the top Electronics manufacturer of the year 2017. The Ultimate #1 Digital Surge Protectors. A full range of digital surge protectors for all appliances and equipment.

Bold Ones 2016

Continental Baking Company Limited chairman, Gary 'Butch' Hendrickson announced the latest group of National Bakery's 'Bold Ones' manufacturing champions.

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Ultimate portector Vs Other surge protectors

Two fluke multi-meter used to monitor the test result between the ultimate digital surge protector and an analogue surge protector. The test used a high voltage transformer, which switches from 120Vac to 220Vac in a instant. Watch the video test to see which of the protectors would have sent dangerous surge voltage to your appliances and equipment.


Should I replace my old analogue surge protector?

Bad voltages are slowly sucking the life out of your modern day appliances. Guess what, your outdated analogue surge protectors cannot protect these appliances and equipment because they are too slow. The Ultimate digital surge protectors have the fastest reaction time which will stop all surge voltages, hence providing maximum protection for your appliances and equipment.

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