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We're always looking for dealers who are like us - who understand what our customers need because they're out there doing what they do.

To qualify for this collaboration, we require that prospective dealer own or operate one of the following establishments:

  • Hardware Store

  • Appliance Store

  • Appliance/Electrical Service Center

  • Electrical Store

  • Engineering Company

  • Distribution Company


Reseller Benefits

Upon successful authorization, you will gain access to a wide range of benefits designed to enhance your business and foster a mutually rewarding collaboration. These benefits include:

  1. Wholesale Pricing: Enjoy our products at competitive wholesale prices, subject to a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).


  1. Promotional Exposure: Your establishment will be featured on our official website and various social media platforms, providing valuable promotion for your business.


  1. Credit/Payment Terms: Benefit from up to 30 days credit/payment terms, with applicable conditions after the initial 6 months of becoming a reseller.


  1. Customer Referrals: Prospective customers within your region will be directed to your establishment, maximizing your visibility and potential sales.

Product Warranty

Our Ultimate Surge Protectors come with a 2-year repair/replacement manufacture warranty. However, this warranty does not cover damages resulting from water exposure, misuse, physical abuse, or incorrect wiring/voltage to the Ultimate protector.

Any returns of the Ultimate Surge Protector to any dealer, retailer or distributor, should be communicated to us, the manufacturer. This is essential for us to determine whether the issue is from customer misuse or if there is a problem with the protector itself. Subsequently, a decision will be made on whether to replace, repair, or write off the protector.

* Write-off: This constitutes a loss to the customer. (Water damage, misuse, outside of warranty period)

* Repair: The manufacturer will repair the protector at no cost. (Usually done within 48 hours)

* Exchange: The manufacturer will exchange the protector at no cost. (Usually done same day)


Product Operation

In order to maintain the highest standards in product representation, we kindly request that all resellers educate their employees about the operation of the Ultimate Surge Protectors. Detailed operational information can be found in the product manual and on our official website at


Contact Information

For dealership request or to place an order, please contact us via:

Email:   Tel: (876) 373-8579 / (876) 630-3739

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