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IP13M120 & IP10M220

Input: 120Vac /220Vac, 50/60Hz,

Output: 15Amps/13Amps

Delay on time: 10 sec /5min

MODEL IP13M220 & IP10M220 is designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from abnormal high and low voltages. This Mini size digital surge protector modules provides the same level of protection for your appliances equipment as the other Ultimate protectors. However It is designed to fit neatly into small spaces. The onboard LED will indicate the status of your voltage if and when a fault has occurred.

The dual  (selectable) timer mode of this IP13M and IP10M model protector makes it ideal for small appliances and equipment like gate-opener, inverter equipment, security systems and many other sensitive equipment. Intelligent protection is achieved by the onboard microprocessor.

Model Series IP10M220/IP13M120
Mini module
Model Series IP10M220/IP13M120
Application: Gate opener, Dental equipment, Power supplies, Medical Equipment, Industrial Equipment, UPS, Inverter air-conditioners and other Sensitive electronics equipment.


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