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Inverter Equipment

Input: 220Vac, 50/60Hz,

Output: 20/30 Amps selectable

Delay on time: 30 Seconds

MODEL IP35M220 is designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from abnormal high and low voltages. This digital surge module is super fast and will  indicate by means of its onboard LED display if a fault has occurred.

The dual current (selectable) mode of this IP35M protector makes it ideal for small to  large size equipment like inverter air conditioner, ice-maker and other industrial machine. Intelligent protection is achieved by the onboard microprocessor and a fast voltage and over current cutout circuit.

Equipment/Air-Conditioner Protector IP35M220
Smart module
Air-Conditioner Protector IP35M220
Application: Inverter Air conditioners, Ice Makers, Refrigerators, Medical Equipment, Industrial Equipment, UPS and other Sensitive electronics equipment.


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