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The Ultimate digital surge protectors are designed for persons who are serious about protecting their appliances and equipment. They will ensure that you get the maximum usage from your appliances and equipment without the premature failure and high repair cost that are associated with abnormal voltage conditions.

Today’s appliances are fully digitized, which makes them very efficient but also much more susceptible to a voltage surge.


The Ultimate protectors are built up on Three (3) unique features which make them superior to all other protectors.

     (1) Fast reaction time: Reaction time is the time it takes for a surge protector to dissipate or remove unwanted voltage from your appliances and equipment. The Ultimate surge protectors are approximately Ten (10) times faster than older designed analogue protectors.

   (2) Frequency monitoring: This protection feature will ensure that your equipment gets the correct frequency after a power outage. It is also extremely important for appliances that are used on standby generators during a power outage.

   (3) Soft start-up: The programmed soft start-up feature controls how the initial power is applied to your appliances. It ensures that the voltage starts at the minimum point or zero point of the sine wave and ramp up to peak. This will protect the internal circuitry of your appliances from sudden peak voltage which is very important especially for inverter refrigerators and will also extend the life of all other appliances and equipment.

Our flagship surge protectors models FG120N25 and AE120N25 are tested and passed by the Bureau of Standards, Jamaica and comes with a two year warranty.

Tritronic Electronics Limited has won the Jamaica Manufacturer (JMA) best electronic product award for two consecutive years. We will continue to conduct our business in an honest and ethical manner, inspiring the confidence of others, to be innovative and excited about the future of the Electronics manufacturing industry in Jamaica.


                                              “The Ultimate Digital Surge Protectors, made in Jamaica and available Island wide

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